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 Harvest Church Podcasts 
Sit, Walk, Stand (download)
An exposition of Psalm 1
Pastor Lindsey Mann, 03/06/2019
Handling Doubt.MP3 (download)
Is it OK for a Christian to doubt?
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 26/05/2019
What is your Life.MP3 (download)
See it! Sense it! Seize it!
Pastor Pamela Campbell, 19/05/2019
Session 8 Faith Works in my Fellowship (download)
Faith is not just a personal thing ... it has a corporate dimension.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 12/05/2019
Session 7 : Faith Works in my Perspective 2 (download)
The Return of Christ is a major influence in the perspective that the Christian holds.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 05/05/2019
Session 6 : Faith Works in my Perspective 1 (download)
Our Faith in Christ will surely make a difference to the perspective we have on our lives.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 14/04/2019
Session 5 : Faith Works in my Allegiances (download)
When one becomes a believer old ties need to be re-assessed if we are going to progress.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 07/04/2019
Session 4 : Faith Works in my Speech (download)
There is tremendous power in the spoken word ... for good or evil.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 17/03/2019
Session 3 : Faith Works in my Behaviour (download)
James shows us that Abraham's obedience was evidence of the faith that lay within him. Faith without works is dead.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 24/02/2019
Session 2 : Faith Works in my Attitudes (download)
Our faith in Christ should change our attitudes towards people regardless of their gender, race, status etc. There is no favouritism with God.
Pastor Ronnie Campbell, 17/02/2019
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